- Last update: 13 March 2017;
all potentially short-termed changes will be communicated at the conference -

Please note the following:

  1. There are two conference rooms: one is situated on the ground floor, the other one on the first floor of the Krupp Kolleg. The schedule indicates where the individual presentations will take place. (All keynote addresses will be given in the auditorium on the ground floor.)
  2. Both rooms will be equipped with a laptop. We advise you to save your presentation on a USB stick in PowerPoint and PDF format. Of course, you may also wish to use your own laptop or netbook. HDMI to VGA adapters will be made available if necessary.
  3. For each paper presentation, we will reserve a 20 min. slot, followed by 5-10 min. discussion. The 60 min. slots for the keynote addresses will also give room for discussion. The conference language is English.
  4. There is no need to print the schedule and the programme: upon registration you will receive a conference info pack.