IFZO Neuigkeiten

CfA: Schwedische Literaturgesellschaft in Finnland (SLS)

CFP: Translating Memories Summer School

Neue Veröffentlichung: The Expansion of the Faith. Crusading on the Frontiers of Latin Christendom in the High Middle Ages

Post- oder Pre-Doc-Stellenausschreibung – Visual & Digital Cultures Research Center (ViDi) of the University of Antwerp

Doktoranden- und Postdoktorandenstelle in Humangeographie – University of Oulu

CfP – 1. Internationales Doktorand*innenseminar über den Kalten Krieg, Gdansk

Ausschreibung "The Krupp Foundation Fellowship for Visiting Student Researchers at Stanford"

CfA – Summer School “Antisemitism and Xenophobia in Baltic Sea Region”, Kulice

IFZO CfP – Tidal Recall. Maritime Sites of Memory in the Baltic Sea Region

CfP – Global Conference on Economic Geography (Dublin, 7 – 10 June 2022)

Call for Applications – East and Central European Studies master's programme at Lund University in Sweden

Jetzt veröffentlicht! The Medieval Archive of Antisemitism in Nineteenth-Century Sweden

Neue Übersetzung! A World History of the Seas. From Harbour to Horizon

Schweden, Deutschland und feministische Außenpolitik - Pinkwashing oder Moral?

Artikel: Anxiety and climate change: a validation of the Climate Anxiety Scale in a German-speaking quota sample and an investigation of psychological correlates

Call for Applications: Winter School on Balticness 2022 in Gdańsk, Poland

Ostseeraum – Geographie heute

Antisemitismus alt und neu

Food Culture als kulturelles Erbe – "The Food Of Singapore Malays" by Khir Johari

Call for Papers! The Fifth Annual HEX Conference, 14 – 16 März, Tampere University, Finland