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IFZO CfP – The Energy Trilemma in the Baltic Sea Region, Workshop October 2022

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The Energy Trilemma in the Baltic Sea Region: Equity, Security, and Sustainability in an Age of Transition

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is forcing rapid changes in energy policy for the states of the Baltic Sea Region. The cancellation of Nord Stream 2, Lithuania’s embargo on Russian gas, and the Baltic States’ embargoes of Russian oil are, to date, the most significant manifestations of this shift. New gas suppliers and new routes, increased focus on renewables and hydrogen development, and renewed calls for energy independence form part of the broader response.

These shifts are occurring as a response to conflict; as an effort to ensure security of supply. However, they are also manifesting in the context of the energy transition and amid a period of high energy prices. These policies are largely reactive, with states willing to seek alternatives wherever possible to replace Russian supplies. The current focus on security of supply and non-Russian suppliers may, in the longer term, be tempered by concerns over the sustainability and equity of energy development, distribution, and politics. Confronting this energy trilemma –accounting for the balance between energy security, equity, and sustainability – will be essential. The states of the region are likely to continue to take divergent approaches to the trilemma based on historical energy policy, domestic politics, current energy mix, and broader policy preferences.

Given the broader geopolitical, environmental, and economic context, this is a key moment for a workshop on the energy trilemma in the Baltic Sea Region. The workshop will feature thematic paper sessions as well as networking events, as well as networking event and a session for discussing future research agendas. It is intended that the workshop will facilitate the foundation of a network of researchers focusing on the energy trilemma in the BSR and that conference presentations will contribute to an edited volume on the topic.

The workshop will be held in the University of Greifswald on 20th-21st October. We welcome qualitative and quantitative submissions addressing policy, legal, geopolitical, historical, economic and political aspects of the trilemma. We particularly welcome papers that take an interdisciplinary approach to energy equity, security, and/or sustainability. Papers can address individual states in the region, the region as a whole, or the functionality of regional institutions in the context of the energy trilemma. Please submit your abstracts – or any questions you may have - to Mary Keogh (mary.keogh@uni-greifswald.de) or Michael Kalis (Michael.Kalisikemde) by 27/06/2022.

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