Baltic Borderlands at 7th IMEHA Conference Perth

Panel: "Connected Oceans", Michael North (Greifswald)

Jari Ojala, Antti Raiha (Jyväskylä)
Integrating the North European Trade during the Early Nineteenth Century:
New Evidence from the Danish Sound Toll Registers

Maria Fusaro (Exeter)
Connecting Oceans and Seas: Maritime Laws and Customs in the Early Modern

Werner Stangl (Garz)
'The Sea Doesn't Kill Anyone whose Time has not yet Come' –The Ocean as
Connector and Barrier in Spanish Letters

Peter Borschberg (Singapore)
What Jacques de Coutre tells us about Trading Networks across the Indian
Ocean in the Early Seventeenth Century

Matthew P Romaniello (Hawaii)
Imperial Aspirations: Russian Maritime Commerce in the Early
Nineteenth-Century Pacific