The Baltic Sea and South China Sea Regions. Incomparable Models of Regional Integration?

18th -20th February 2010
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore

The interdisciplinary, international workshop “The Baltic Sea and South China Sea Regions: Incomparable Models of Regional Integration?” was held from 18-20 February 2010 at the ASEF Building in Singapore. During the comparative workshop fifteen renowned researchers from Europe and Asia presented papers on the following aspects of integration in the Baltic and South China Sea regions: Shipping and Maritime Concepts; Cultural Memory and Regional Integration; and Energy Politics and Security Politics. The workshop was conceived as a forum for an exploratory discussion of the parallels and contrasts between the historical and cultural background to processes of integration and specific processes of integration in particular areas of activity and policy fields, with the purpose of finding common ground for future collaborative research projects. The issue areas chosen for the three thematic sessions enabled the participants to discuss integration from a variety of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives, whilst ensuring sufficient coherence between the presentations to generate a critical mass for future research collaborations.

Workshop Programme "The Baltic Sea and South China Sea Regions"

Funded by the European Alliance for Asian Studies