Comparing types of Lutheran confessional cultures in Germany, Denmark and Estonia

21th-22th June 2010
Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald

The workshop brought together scholars and experts on confessional cultures in the Baltic Sea Region for lectures and discussions. It had three major purposes:
1. Investigation of the importance of theoretical models of civil religion (e.g. G. Davies’ “Theory of Euroreligion”) for the concrete fields of research in the German, Danish and Estonian context.
2. Investigation of church-theoretical models (in particular in the shape of confessional cultures) for the specific research fields in the participating countries.
3. Investigation of the role of border-crossing concepts of ecumenism in the whole research field of the participating countries, partially in an antagonistic way (e.g. the Porvoo community vis-à-vis the Leuenburg community).

Workshop Programme "Lutheran Confessional Cultures"