The Topicality of Cultural Heritage

Research Framework

The consequences of political upheavals and integration processes, commercialisation, globalisation and climate change are challenges that the cultural heritage in the Baltic Sea Region is currently facing. They change the conception and representation of heritage in a sustainable way and lead to greater plurality and diversity. The IFZO research area "The Topicality of Cultural Heritage" responds to these challenges by focusing its interdisciplinary research on the cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea Region as a "shared heritage" that encompasses what is common and what divides it. This will explore issues of negotiation processes, practices, participation and knowledge sharing that shape and redefine the region's heritage.


Research focus

  • Do sorting out, decay and destruction represent the flip side of a practice of inheritance or do unwanted inheritances mark the beginning of a revaluation and re-semantisation of inheritance?
  • What is the relationship between places of memory and landscapes, stability and change? What new regional, transregional and ecological paradigms of contemporary landscape design result from this?
  • How do commercialisation, popular media and practices change the social scope as well as the transregional or global orientation of canons?
  • How was and is a translocal heritage presented and contextualised in the museum?



List of workshops of the "Topicality of Cultural Heritage" cluster