Sustainability in the Baltic Sea Region


Wibke Müller

Doctoral Student

Phillip Lübcke

Research Frame

The IFZO research area sustainability analyzes a central pillar of regional cooperation: The transformation of the Baltic Sea region into a sustainable region is the goal of the current EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the objective of many regional initiatives and projects. The protection of the Baltic Sea ecosystem has been at the centre of regional cooperation since the 1970s.


Research focus

Photo: Stefan Ewert
  • Behaviour change towards a more sustainable life: Which individual factors influence the sustainable behaviour of people in the Baltic Sea Region?
  • "Ocean Literacy" and "Baltic Sea Literacy": Can the concept of "Ocean Literacy" be adapted and specified regionally to improve the protection of the Baltic Sea?
  • What role do the region's peatlands play in the transformation towards sustainability of the Baltic Sea Region with regard to climate protection, nutrient inputs into the Baltic Sea and biodiversity?
  • How can the protection of the Baltic Sea peatlands be implemented politically? How can the regional bio-economy be strengthened at the same time through the sustainable use of wet peatlands?
  • What role does the "One Health" approach play in the transformation to a sustainable Baltic Sea region?



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