New Nationalisms

Example Minority Policies


Cordelia Heß


Anna Novikov

Yvonne Bindrim

Doctoral Student

Anna Efremowa

Research Focus

Liederfest, by Metsavend, CC-BY-SA 4.0

The analysis of new nationalist utopian and dystopian narratives contributes to our understanding of new nationalism as an international phenomenon in the entire Baltic Sea region.

  • The Cluster analyses new nationalist narratives within three common strands of ideology:
    • The Construction of History:
      Are there attempts to create a transnational narrative of European identity, for example as a common denominator against (Muslim) immigration? How does this coincide or collide with nation-focused constructions? Which events from the past serve as positive points of identification?
    • Gender:
      How is antifeminism connected to anti-liberalism and anti-Islamism? Which agents, secular or religious, use a specific narrative of continuity and change in gender roles and relations?
    • Minorities/Majorities:
      What are xenophobic and extremist strategies through which minorities are represented as a threat to the new nationalist community? How are these minorities represented in the narrative of the past and the future? What is the role of languages and migration in the minority politics of the Baltic Sea Region?




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