International Relations and Security


Andris Banka

Research Frame

The IFZO research cluster International Relations and Security analyses the most pressing security challenges in the Baltic Sea region through the analytical lens of transformation processes. Conceptually, our work draws attention to two conflicting processes that, in our view, define the current BSR security landscape: (a) common efforts of deterrence and (b) the ongoing challenges of cooperation among NATO countries. The objective of the cluster is not only to speak to existing controversies and debates within the field of security studies but also to generate material with cross-disciplinary appeal and open up new ways of thinking about security-related topics. To that end, we situate our work squarely within an interdisciplinary framework.

Research focus

  • NATO military architecture in the Baltic Sea region: Can a diverse group of nations with distinct command styles, doctrine, and equipment able to fit together and work constructively under one common alliance’s flag in the Baltic Sea region?
  • Germany’s evolving security role: What exactly is the role of Germany, as the region’s economically strongest country, in securing NATO’s eastern part?
  • Military mobility and exercises: What role do military exercises play in the Baltic Sea region and what is their impact on regional security and stability?


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List of workshops of the International Relations and Security cluster