Conferences and Thematic Workshops

Kickoff Workshop – Energy

The kick-off workshop of Energy cluster was held on 4-5 July at Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg in Greifswald. Michael Rodi and Farid Karimi hosted the workshop on behalf of the IFZO. 

After a welcoming word, Prof Michael North, the speaker of IFZO and Prof Michael Rodi, the speaker of the energy cluster, were invited to give their opening speeches. Michael North gave an overview of the IFZO and its goals. Michael Rodi elaborated the objectives of the workshop, including establishing a network for future collaboration and how to make energy market work in the BSR. He mentioned that Greifswald has geopolitical importance when it comes to energy question: it has a nuclear fusion project that is fairly unique, Nord stream projects, and the first decommissioned nuclear power plant.

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