Interdisciplinary Research Training Group 1540, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The interdisciplinary International Research Training Group (IRTG) “Baltic Borderlands: Shifting Boundaries of Mind and Culture in the Borderlands of the Baltic Sea Region”, a collaborative programme between Lund, Tartu and Greifswald, advances the investigation of the cultural and mental implications of border change within the entire Baltic Sea Region (B.S.R.).
The development and perception of borders and borderlands is dependent on processes of bordering. Against this background, the IRTG will explore the underlying processes of de- and re-bordering in cases studies, in order to unlock the theoretical and analytical potential of concepts of borderland for the humanities and social sciences. The scope of the borderland goes beyond the territorial dimension to encompass mental and cultural interaction in abstract space. In this context, the IRTG will explore de- and re-bordering in four overarching themes: (1) the emergence and transformation of historical borderlands; (2) the cultural contexts of cross-border action in borderland areas; (3) the economic permeability and persistence of borders; and (4) new border regimes: the political dimension of border formation and dissolution.

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