Baltic Borderlands: Shifting Boundaries of Mind and Culture in the Borderlands of the Baltic Sea Region

Baltic Borderlands

Recent Publication | Teaching Borders in Europe

A. Drost, Borders. A Narrative Turn – Reflections on Concepts, Practices and their Communication, in: O. Mentz and T. McKay, ed., Unity in Diversity. European Perspectives on Borders and Memories (Europa lernen. Perspektiven für eine Didaktik europäischer Kulturstudien, vol. 7), Berlin 2017, pp. 14-33.

Call for Papers | Visual and Material Culture Exchange across the Baltic Sea Region, 1750-1850 (Berlin, 22-24/03/2018)

This project (three conferences – Greifswald 2017, Berlin 2018, and Tallinn 2019 – and an anticipated edited volume) emerges from these twin desires: to study the Baltic Sea Region as a cultural crossroads, and to depart from isolated, national/regional narratives. Deadline: 1st December 2017

Book launch "Reformatio Baltica" | 06th December 2017, 18:00, Krupp Kolleg

IRTG member Prof. Dr Heinrich Assel and Anselm Steiger (Hamburg) are presenting this volume with contributions by IRTG members Prof. Dr Michael North, Prof. Dr Riho Altnurme and Prof. Dr Jens E. Olesen. In the volume „Reformatio Baltica. Kulturwirkungen der Reformation in den Metropolen des Ostseeraums“ (The cultural impact of the Reformation in the urban centers of the Baltic Sea Region) researchers from the Baltic Sea Region examine the politically, economically, and culturally most important cities in the Baltic Sea Region from the 16th to the 18th century.

Winter Lecture | 12th December 2017

Friedrich Kühn (Greifswald), The Organs of the Hanseatic City of Anklam

Winter Lecture | 13th December 2017

Wojtek Jezierski (Gothenburg), Livonian Hospitality: The Livonian Rhymed Chronicle and the Formation of Identities on the Thirteenth-Century Baltic Frontier


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