Baltic Borderlands: Shifting Boundaries of Mind and Culture in the Borderlands of the Baltic Sea Region

Baltic Borderlands


Prof. Dr. Schiedermair's Panel
Rector Prof. Dr. Weber and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. North.

Recent Publication | Museumsschiffe und Traditionsschiffe

Ingo Heidbrink, guest professor of the IRTG in Summer 2017, reflects on the cultural heritage of historic ships, in: Hafenbote Nr. 28, 2018, p. 6.

Recent Publication | Toward a New Definition of Belarusian Intellectuals

T. Astrouskaya, Located on the Archipelago: Toward a New Definition of Belarusian Intellectuals, in: I. Kacandes and Y. Komska, ed., Eastern Europe Unmapped. Beyond Borders and Peripheries, New York/Oxford 2017, pp. 81-103.

Recent Publication | Teaching Borders in Europe

A. Drost, Borders. A Narrative Turn – Reflections on Concepts, Practices and their Communication, in: O. Mentz and T. McKay, ed., Unity in Diversity. European Perspectives on Borders and Memories (Europa lernen. Perspektiven für eine Didaktik europäischer Kulturstudien, vol. 7), Berlin 2017, pp. 14-33.

Singapore & Spain

King Felipe of Spain appreciates research on de Coutre and his life in the Southeast Asian sea region by Prof. Peter Borschberg

Recently successfully defended dissertations

Manja Olschowski, Stefan Striegler, Tatsiana Astrouskaya


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